Soothing Rose Milk Exfoliant

Soothing Rose Milk Exfoliant


This polishing powder will deliver you powerful results, but in a gentle way that will leave your skin balanced, brightened, renewed and refreshed.

Prefect for all ages and skin types, including sensitive and troubled.

Why? Because your body is familiar with cell renewal, which is a naturally-occuring function of your skin. The natural enzyme in the lactic acid from milk breaks down dead, scaly, skin cell layers in a much gentler way (as opposed to scrubbing or scratching them away, as often used in traditional scrub methods). Using this product will result in, deeper, cleaner softer, younger skin.

Made with soothing organic ingredients like goat's milk, rose petals, and vanilla beans, combined with a light exfoliant made of lemon peel and cornmeal. You will fall in love with this scrub! Comes in a classic French 4 oz squared milk bottle.  


An evening treatment. Place 1-2 tsp. of soothing rose milk powder in a small bowl. Add about 1-2 tbsp. of water. Mix. Apply to face, neck, chest and gently massage in circular motions. For best results leave on as a mask for 2-5 minutes for an even brighter, tighter complexion.  Use additional serums and creams as needed. Shelf life: 12 months from date of purchase.

DO NOT get contents in bottle wet.

A personal note: I treat myself to a bath experience once a week (on Thursdays). I light a candle, pour a glass of wine and put on some Etta James. I bring a little teacup in the tub with me filled with about 2 Tbs of my soothing rose milk. I make my paste with my bath water, massage it in, leave as a mask for 5 mins, and rinse in the tub. The mask "run off" then turns to an amazing milk bath leaving my skin soft as silk for the week!

Simple but effective skincare. Know your ingredients!

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